What is Reiki?  

Pronounced Ray Key, it comes from two Japanese words, rei (higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness) and ki (life force or energy). an easy explanation is that Reiki is spiritually guided energy.

Benefits of Reiki
Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that everyone can benefit from. It can promote relaxation, decrease anxiety and works in conjunction with other medical/therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Other benefits can include:

  • lowered blood pressure             
  • deep sensation of peace & calm
  • reduce pain                              
  • reduce swelling
  • balance physical and subtle body energy levels
  • balance chakras                         
  • release negative thought patterns
  • release stuck emotions
  • enable the individual to let go of obstacles that are holding them back from living a joyful life
  • enhance spiritual connection

Reiki is not a religion nor is it affiliated with any particular religion and people of any faith can benefit from recieving and giving reiki.

What to expect:
Before your session you will fill out an information form and answer some basic questions. You will remain fully clothed during the entire session.The practitioner will gently lay their hands over or on different areas of your body. A short session is approximately 30 minutes, a full session is 60 minutes.

During the session you may feel peace and calm wash over you, sensations of hot or cold, colorful visions, long held memories or emotions may resurface to be released. You may involuntarily twitch, move, or experience a sudden urge to laugh or cry or a burst of anger as these thoughts "break apart" or you may simply think of things you have been holding on to as they pass through your consciousness. You become so comfortable that you may fall asleep.

Reiki is self directed and will go where it is needed. We want you to remember that during your session, you are in a safe place and the release of emotions is encouraged to facilitate your healing process.

To schedule a session click on button below or contact the practitioners that are listed below.  Please schedule you appointments 24-48 hours in advance.

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