Gentle Yoga classes are typically calming, relaxing, and less physically demanding than most classes. In this class there will be instruction and guidance through the poses at a slower and more gentle pace. The use of props as support in postures and modifications for certain postures  will be offered more frequently. This class can be used as a preparation for our Yoga Foundations class, or used as a break from other more physically demanding practices that you do throughout the week. 


Yoga Foundations classes give particular attention to precision bodily placement, to deepen the students understanding of the asanas (postures). Foundations classes are designed and sequenced for beginning students and students interested in working on the principles of the physical postures.  The content builds new students from the ground up, with specific attention on developing safety, learning foundational principles of alignment, and to develop learning tools for a well-rounded home practice. These classes are where people become more devoted to learning, as the initial benefits are felt readily. 



Vinyasa classes are dynamic, warming classes that improve circulation to the entire body, build strength and flexibility, and work intimately with the breathing cycle. Vinyasa classes can be challenging and require a solid level of foundational understanding in standing pose alignment, inversions, forward and back-extensions as these classes move through sequences of postures linked intimately with steady breathing. These classes are vigorous and fluid, and help students to develop coordination.


Just like our Vinyasa class, this is a flowing practice that focuses on linking movement with the breath. The difference in this class, however, is that the practice will be more powerful and physically challenging, plus the room will be heated.


This is a flowing class that links the movement with the breath. In this particular class, we will focus on core awareness by activating and strengthening our core muscles.


This class is an introduction to the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The specific postures of the series will be done in this class, but not necessarily in the sequential order that they are traditionally done. We may work on building strength in the poses and the transitions into and out of the poses. This is a good class for those completely new to the Ashtanga practice and for those working on building the foundations of their current Ashtanga practice.


In this class, you will practice Ashtanga in the traditional way. You will move through the set series of postures at your own pace, and with your own breath. The instructor will not call out the poses or the breath, but will be there to guide you along, taking you deeper into poses, or moving you further through the practice with verbal cues and physical adjustments. No experience required!


Somatic yoga is foremost a practice of mindfulness through movement. Somatic Yoga utilizes gentle physical movements to fine-tune the nervous system and eliminate involuntary responses to tension. Somatic Yoga lessons are therefore designed to call into awareness the basic movement habits that cause stress, and then to systematically release the body into more effortless motion. Instead of straining, groaning, and stretching, practitioners utilize stress-free, interesting movements that are easy to do and, most importantly, change the way they understand and use their bodies.

* Please brings socks when attending this class!


In this class, we will focus on sensory awareness as a means to balance tensions in the body while learning to move with ease. We will move mindfully through the entire class, focusing on the transition between postures, instead of hurrying from one position into another. The goal is to be in a natural state without tensions. We will explore how to release superfluous tensions, develop strength and flexibility, and bring lightness and ease to your everyday movements.



Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic class that gently restores your body and mind back to a state of balance using relaxing, long held poses, breathing exercises, meditation, imagery, and deep relaxation. Instead of using muscular effort to stretch, props are placed in a certain way to support the body and allow you to fully relax as your body and mind open and soften. No yoga experience necessary. All levels welcome.


This is a slower-moving class that focuses on holding poses and softening in the poses to create deeper openings in muscles, joints, and connective tissues. We focus on the breath as a means to stay present and relax. It is a great class for reducing stress in your life by slowing down the body and the mind and focusing on the present moment. Use of props to support the body will be offered through out the class and each pose. This class is suitable for students of all levels. 



Be a co-creator in your birthing experience as you learn to trust your body's wisdom.  Recognize and honor the power and strength that you have within, cultivate courage and prepare for the divine opportunity given to you through pregnancy and birth. Practicing yoga during pregnancy will empower you, giving you the tools to learn how to cope with pregnancy and labor discomforts. Through mindful movement, breath and meditation, you will leave yoga feeling calm, confident, refreshed, and deeply connected to your body and to your childThis class will also nurturepositive energy, love and support from other expecting mamas!

*All levels of yoga experience and all trimesters of pregnancy welcome.


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