Are you thinking about considering a 300 RYT Training???

I remember when I finished my 200 RYT Certification I had a “bag” of mixed emotions.  There was a huge sense of accomplishment, a sense of relief, some sadness and some uncertainty.  It was a very diverse mix of feelings.  But it was so very real at the same time.  One thing that was very real for me was the feeling that I had just “scratched the surface” of learning all there is to learn about this amazing journey called Yoga! 


I can honestly say I did have some apprehensions about teaching because the studies are so very vast.  But then at the same time, I did feel like I learned a great deal and enough to begin to share and teach my experiences. 


I also knew from the moment I received my certificate and training was complete that I needed to learn more and the studies and trainings would continue.  That is why for committing to a 300 hour certification was an easy decision.  I was so grateful I did for many, many reasons.  Below are just a few…

  •  In my 200 hour training it was a good snapshot of broad scope of what yoga and teaching would entail but it was not where we “dug in deep” to any one topic because of the amount of material you should get some basic exposure to. 
  •    In the 300 training you do just that!  You have the basic knowledge and you are living and applying it to your life.  Now it is your time to explore and see where you would like to learn more.
  •   You are training with people who have been on the same path as you and are great resources for you.
  •  You also have the opportunity to see what areas are quite frankly “not your passions”, so you don’t have to spend time or money studying in those areas. And on a similar note your can invest your time and money into the areas that are your passions and really dig in deep.
  •   I was fortunate to get exposure to lots of great teachers…some who taught the same topics but in very unique ways and there were always new and exciting twists. 
  •   I have been in some workshops or situations where I thought to myself… “never, ever”…and then in the same workshop, I had learned or discovered something that in have incorporated into my teachings and I still teach and practice a part of it to this day.  So I learned to honor and respect all teachings even if they were not “my cup of tea.”
  •   I gained confidence to be able to help others.
  •  I gained confidence to design, implement and teach specialized classes and workshops.

Now these are just a few of the many rewards I received…most of them I listed are external rewards.  Be looking for my next blog on my internal rewards of continued trainings J because the most important thing that I have learned is how to look into all areas of my being, and embrace it all, so that I could understand and love my Self .

Om, Shanti,
Karen Moss