LeeLaa Yoga's Studio etiquette

Please read and observe the following suggestions for common courtesy toward our fellow yogis.

* Arrive to class on time.

The teachers will lock the doors promptly at the class start time. It is best to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early so that you can get your mat set up, get the props needed for class and have a minute to center in.

* Shoes must be taken off before entering the studio rooms.

This is a sign of respect to the sacred space where we practice asana. 

**This also keeps the area of yoga practice clean.

* NO CELL PHONES in the studios.

We are all so “plugged in” as a society which is why stress is so prevalent today. We all can afford to spend 60 to 90 minutes to ourselves without the interruption of a phone call.

If for some reason you need to be available in case of an emergency, i.e.: daughter/son expecting a baby, have a child/spouse that is home and ill, or you are on call for work, etc….alert your teacher to this reason, put the phone on vibrate, then plan on quietly leaving the practice area to take your call.

* Please wear appropriate clothing to class.

 Be aware that yoga is enjoyed today by both women and men. While as a yogi, we should not be looking around at others as we practice, some clothing or lack thereof can be quite distracting and takes us out of being present in our yoga poses/practice.

* Needing to leave a class before the end? 

 Please alert your teacher before class starts that you need to leave a few minutes early so she/he can signal you to leave before Savasana (final relaxation pose) so the other students are not disturbed while relaxing.

*This is the most beneficial part of a yoga practice so try not to make a habit of leaving early.