Our Mission at LeeLaa Yoga is...

 To create an environment that supports students as they explore the many facets of yoga. Yoga is more than just the physical postures (asanas), and at Leelaa we recognize this. We offer a comprehensive yoga program that extends beyond asana including pranayama & meditation/ stress management, increased body awareness and programs for special needs. We understand that everyone is unique, and whether you are a beginner or more experienced practitioner, we have classes designed for you and we will help you find your place as you continue to develop your practice.  Our goal is that everyone that comes to LeeLaa leaves refreshed, energized, and fulfilled in the mind and body.



What is Yoga...
Unfolding the Mystery?

Tuesday, October 21st | 6-8 PM.

Hosted by Karen Moss

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Autumn Cleanse Informational Meeting

Friday, October 17th |  6- 8 PM
Led by Sharon Willard

Register by Oct. 7th to get your cleanse kit in time.

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